YANG Yu-Fang

Équipe : "Mouvement Humain, Adaptation, et Performance Sportive" (MHAPS)

yu-fang.yang @ universite-paris-saclay.fr



 Thématique de recherche

To study face recognition has long been of particular interest, because the emotional status of individuals is important for us to interpret and analyse. The complexity of facial expressions requires the integration of all facial features into a whole face (configural/holistic processing) processing, but identifying salient facial features (part-based processing) also lead to successful emotion recognition. Patients with schizophrenia employ different perceptual strategies when judging emotional expressions, compared to healthy subjects, which is linked to cognitive impairment. How the human brain decodes facial emotions and how patients with schizophrenia process emotions is the subject of my PhD study by using Eye-tracking and electroencephalogram (EEG). 



Laboratoire de recherches cliniques et en santé publique sur les handicaps psychiques, cognitifs et moteurs (HANDIReSP) (Centre Hospitalier de Versailles, Université Versailles Saint-Quentin, France)