Patrick MAUPU - Director of SUAPS, Paris Sud 11
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Ketty IBALOT - Secretary of SUAPS
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The Paris-Sud 11 University Service of  Physical and Sporting Activities (SUAPS) aims at teaching and managing all Physical, Sporting and Artistic Activities (APSA) for the benefit of students and staff alike.

This pedagogically autonomous service administratively reports to UFR STAPS.

Paris-Sud 11 SUAPS headquarters are located on the Orsay campus (Building 225) and host two poles:

  • Pole 91 is intended for the Orsay campus students of the Science, STAPS and Law UFRs, as well as the IUT.
  • Pole 92/94 is intended for Cachan and Sceaux law and business administration, pharmacy, medical and IUTs students.


Main goals

The Paris-Sud 11 SUAPS curriculum is set by the Ministry of Education and includes:

  • Skill learning: validating one APSA practice in a list of optional sports.
  • Personal Training: offering students and staff adapted leisure practice in health, relaxation, personal development, confrontation…, with a diversified APSA program..
  • Training and supervision by the Students Sports Associations of the competitions offered by the French Federation of University Sports.
  • Sport or recreation administration: year-round organization of beginners to advanced training courses, sports theme stays, tournaments, sporting and artistic events.



9 physical education teachers as well as many non-tenured instructors teach 35 APSAs on various attractive locations.

Some of our coordinating staff are specifically appointed to one course, and must promote sport in their assigned site in accordance with SUAPS policies.

Feel free to contact them.






 UFR of Sciences
UFR of Law and Business Management
Orsay - Bures

 Jean François ALLIRAND

 Tel: 01 69 15 82 99

 UFR of Law and Business Management
IUT of Sceaux

 Patrick ESTER

 Tel: 01 40 91 17 91
patrick.ester @

 UFR of Pharmacy
Chatenay Malabry


 Tel: 01 41 87 03 40
gilles.artiguenave @

 IUT of Cachan

 Pierre BLANC

 tel: 01 41 24 11 96
Fax: 01 41 24 11 99


    Additional academic staff

Ms Ghislaine TETIER   -   01 69 15 58 08   -   ghislaine.tetier @

Mr Didier MICHEL   -   01 69 15 58 08   -   didier.michel @

Mr Thierry EVEQUE   -  01 69 15 58 08   -   thierry.eveque @

    On site facilities

In the heart of the different university campuses, attractive sports facilities are available.

Among others, students may use the French horseback riding university center, 2 professional dance studios, a 300sq.m dojo, 2 state-of -the -art fitness rooms, a swimming pool, and numerous indoor and outdoor facilities.

So come join in new sports, meet other students and generally participate in the associative sporting life!