UFR Overview

Christine Le Scanff, the UFR STAPS acting chair person , was elected on June 18, 2008 by the UFR Council for a  5 year period.

She is assisted by:

  • Manh-Cuong Do, research assistant director
  • Katy Cabanel, finances and infrastructures assistant director
  • Michel Desbordes, master’s degree courses and communication assistant director
  • Beatrice Descoins, bachelor’s degree courses assistant director

In accordance with the UFR statutes, the most important decisions are made by the UFR Council; the advice of one of the following advisory councils may be sought:

  • The courses council
  • The research council
  • The APS council

A team of engineering, technical, administrative, maintenance and health personnel help run the UFR, under the supervision of the secretary general’s delegate, Jean-Michel Rolland.