Foreign students studying at UFR STAPS

 Foreign students studying at UFR STAPS

University Paris-South 11's international policy not only helps its own students take semesters abroad, but also encourages foreign students to study in France. Nearly 4500 students from over 125 foreign countries registered in 2005-2006.

Foreign applicants' admission process includes registration at our school's Direction des Relations Internationales (DRI)[Erasmus exchange program students as well as MICEFA (USA) and CREPUCQ (Quebec) students, together with fellows with a grant from our school], and at  the House of  Studies or the registration office of their course.

These students are usually  financially supported by their country of origin.  Doctoral or post-doctoral students may receive specific allowances such as thesis joint guardianship or postdoctoral allowance.

In addition, foreign post-graduate students may receive a grant provided they register for a one-year course (e.g. 2nd year of a master's degree), thesis excluded.  This policy testifies to the university's willingness to enroll foreign target students.

We have staff on duty in July, and September through to November at the House of Studies (building 311), specifically dedicated to those foreign students staying in the Essonne department (91). They will help students obtain their temporary resident's permit.

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