Master's degree, 2nd year - Management of events and recreational sports

MASTER'S DEGREE, 2nd year (M2) - Law, economics and management

                                                       Major: Sport science

           Professional specialty - Management of events and recreational sports
                                                   Marketing and communication


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This M2 degree was first created in 1999 at the University of Paris Sud 11 and is one of the oldest and most widely recognized degrees in the professional sphere.

This master's degree specialty is well suited to the contemporary evolutions of sports developments and deals with events management in its broadest sense, by studying all its functional aspects: organizational, logistic, marketing, legal, sponsoring, sporting, etc.

The main objective of this degree is to train those students who primarily intend to manage events and recreational sports organizations, as project or product manager, consultant in the public sector, communication or marketing manager  (in sports federations, private companies) business executive, consultant.

Because of its location near Paris, this course was able to tie partnerships with all the institutional actors (sports federations, private organizational structures, associations, businesses, advertisers, media), whose headquarters are, for the most part, located in the greater Paris area.. This institutional proximity facilitates exchanges, the completion of projects on their premises, internships and students' professionalization. The trustful relationships established with these organizations rest in particular on the strict selection of applicants (approximately 1 on 10 is selected) and make the students and the degree credible and legitimate

In terms of teaching contents, this master's degree is organized as follows:

  • Classes by the university academic staff
  • Lectures by professionals (between 12 and 20 per annum) who participate in the     candidates' hearings
  • Annual sport event
  • Projects for professionals (consulting and auditing)
  • Long internship (6 months)

Target public

Graduate students

Graduates having completed their first year master's degree (M1) in STAPS, economics, political science, management, law, history, geography, sociology; with a diploma from a business school, a communication school, an engineering school or an institute of political studies.

Please note: Non-STAPS  graduates or returning students must make a request for credits transfers

Please contact: Norine Coussot: 33 1 69 15 30 79 or norine.coussot @ for further information

Continuing education

A quota is reserved for those applicants already working. They are encouraged to apply. The cost of studies is € 5,600 (grants may be obtained).

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The  course is divided into 4 units (UE)

  • EU 8:    (common to all students): tools and methodology
  • EU 9:    Marketing and communication -1
  • EU 10:  Marketing and communication - 2
  • EU 11:  Professional experience

Internship and dissertation

Internship to be completed  in any events and recreational sports organization  (advertiser,   sport federation, agency, events organizer, equipment supplier, etc) for a six month + period.

Students may complete their internship abroad. This can be an essential inter-cultural asset.

An agreement must be signed prior to the beginning of the internship. It validates the project (market research, prospection, feasibility study, event organization, product development, partners seeking and follow up…) entrusted to the student and its conformity with the course.

The student has a an on-site instructor and an academic advisor and tutor on campus.

The intern is individually assessed, based on his/her dissertation and oral presentation.

The assessment is jointly made by the academic jury (course director and academics), the on-site instructor and the student's tutor.

Academic staff / Office

Course directors:

Christopher Hautbois -  assistant professor - (christopher.hautbois @

Michel Desbordes - professor - michel.desbordes @ 


Fabienne Soudée - fabienne.soudee @ - 01 69 15 62 36