Master's degree, 2nd year - Management and law of urban sports

MASTER 'S DEGREE, 2nd year (M2) - Law, economics and management

                                                      Major: Sport science
                  Professional specialty - Management and law of urban sports


 Course objectives   

The main objective of this course is to tackle the changing stakes of local sporting policies faced with very specific developments:

  • Changing tastes and sporting habits
  • Appropriation of the urban public space
  • Implementation of  inter-city sporting policies
  • Definition of new territories


The students are expected to master the tools that will help them develop sporting facilities in an urban environment:

  • Request and actual needs appraisal
  • Economic and managerial issues
  • Planning legal framing
  • Programming of sports facilities

Job prospects

  • Local sporting policies project developer
  • Project manager in out-of-town, outdoor sports centers
  • Designer and manager of sports facilities
  • Consultant and auditor
  • Mediator

This professional master's degree  is jointly operated by  two schools at the University of Paris-Sud 11:

  • The Jean Monnet School of Law, Management and Economics

and jointly managed by:

  • Mr Dominique Charrier- assistant professor, UFRSTAPS
  • Mr Jean Luciani - assistant professor, Jean Monnet School

 Target public

Graduate students

Students having completed their first year master's degree (M1)  in STAPS, sociology, economics, political science, management, law, geography, with a diploma from a business school or an engineering school, or an institute of political studies.

Those already working may submit their application. for professional experience validation

Continuing education

A quota is reserved for those applicants already working. They are encouraged to apply. The cost of studies is € 5,600 (grants may be obtained).

Credits and course pattern

The 2nd year course  is divided into 4 credits (UE), 2 offered by UFRSTAPS and 2 by the Jean Monnet School.

EU 8: urban sporting projects development: general methods of analysis

EU 9: law and management of urban sports

EU 10: implementation of  urban sporting projects: stakes, relevant assessment tools

EU 11: legal and managerial tools: an in depth approach

Additional lectures are made by  well known master's partners.

Students are requested to complete  a 6 month + internship.


Finding an internship is the student's responsibility, although the academic / professional  staff will be of assistance. Follow up under academic staff supervision may include an on-site visit.

Students may complete their internship abroad,. primarily in sport management companies or institutions (local communities, sports federations, government agencies, major associations…).

Semester assessment rules

The course pattern clearly states the number of credits and assessment method and components.

The 2nd year level is granted following the successful completion of 60 ECTS credits (30 credits per semester) during the twice-yearly written or oral exam sessions. The second session is reserved for deferred students. Students may conserve pass credits.

Academic staff / Office

M2 course persons in charge:

Dominique Charrier, MCF HDR, UFR STAPS - dominique.charrier @

Jean Luciani, MCF, Law UFR - jean.luciani @


Fabienne Soudee - fabienne.soudee @ - 01 69 15 62 36

2009-2010 calendar  

Early October 2009: beginning of the academic year for 2nd year master's degree students.