Master's degree, 1st year - School Teaching Course

          MASTER'S DEGREE 1st year (M1)

                              Science of Motricity
                          Specialty: Motor control
    Specialty: Physical Practices, Psychological prospects

                                   Sport science
                           Specialty Sports Culture 

             School Teaching Course (PIMS)


1. Course objective

The 1st year master's degree school teaching course is a professional course at the crossroads of  sport science and science of motricity and 3 research specialties (sports cultures [CS], motor control [CM], physical practices: psychological prospects [4Ps]). It primarily aims at:

  • giving graduate student an in-depth training relevant with the evolution of knowledge and the practices specific to sporting, physical and artistic activities (APSAs) and physical education, that highlights the scientific, cultural and technical aspects of APSA teaching in schools and the mastering of the socio-historical and educational stakes of physical education teaching.
  • connecting physical practices, scientific teaching and didactical and pedagogical practices. The course offers a number of APSAs  that help the student acquire and master the necessary motor skills and  the  knowledge essential to their transmission.

In order to:

  • build up part of the scientific and professional skills expected from a physical education teacher  or a non licensured school instructor
  • set up a teaching project after the 1st year of the master's degree.
  • develop innovative research practices.
  • develop individual and team work skills and autonomy.

The 2nd year professional master's degree will open in September 2010. for those students wishing to teach physical education.

Other students will have access (under conditions) to one of the three research options offered by UFR STAPS of Paris Sud 11, depending on their field of research.

  • Science, technology and health care / Science of motricity: motor control research specialty.
  • Science, technology and health care / Science of motricity: physical practices: psychological prospects research specialty.
  • Law, Economics and management / Sport science: sports culture research specialty.

Job prospects

The successful completion of the 1st year school teaching course (M1 PIMS) enables students to sit for the national licensure competitive exams, as well as a number of sports-related jobs in education.

A 2nd year master's degree followed by a doctorate will enable postgraduates to qualify for assistant professor positions.

2. Target public

Typically, students have a STAPS education and motricity degree. We also accept students with other STAPS degrees (under conditions), qualifying students and foreign students.

3. Credits and course pattern

The 1st year course is divided into 7 teaching units (UEs).

UE 1 and 2 are common to all master's degree courses. UE 4 and 6 are common to the  M1 Motor Control - Physical practices: psychological prospects (CM-4Ps) specialties, UE 5 is common to the   M1 Sports culture (CS) specialty. UE7 teachings are optional: [long internship + short dissertation] or [short internship + long dissertation]. The choice of an option after the end of the 1st  semester will determine  the student's future: [long internship +  short dissertation] for licensure;  [short internship + long dissertation] for on going studies in M2 in one of the 3 research master's degrees available at Paris Sud 11.

UE1:     Epistemology and research methodology

UE2:    Sciences of  Sport and Motricity

UE3:    Physical activity, tools and methods

UE4:    Production and motion control

UE5:    Sports culture

UE6:    Cognition, training and physical activity

UE7:    Professionalisation - Research project

4. Internship

The UE 7 research project (long internship) helps students develop their educational, didactical and pedagogical skills, by teaching sporting, physical and artistic activities in schools.

For research, see a) Science of motricity: motor control specialty; physical practices specialty: psychological perspectives; and b) Sport science: sports culture specialty.

Internship specificities:

  • helping students build teaching skills
  • 50 hour internship (including at least 30 hours of direct teaching) on a half-day weekly basis, in a primary or secondary school.
  • interns are under the responsibility of their school tutor and a UFR STAPS teacher.
  • the course includes a 20 hr seminar on pracice analysis. Interns will reflect on their own practice to build up a didactical and pedagogical model.
  • the internship will be followed bby a dissertation and an oral examination based on their specific practice.

5. Semester assessment rules

Table 1 shows the number of credits for each teaching units and the mode of assessment

The M1 level will be granted following the successful completion of 60 ECTS credits (30 credits per semester) during the twice-yearly written or oral exams. The second session is reserved for deferred students. Students may conserve pass credits.

6. Provisions for  students preparing the external CAPEPS (IUFM) and the PIMS 1st year master's degree (Paris Sud 11)

Students both registered at Cergy-Pontoise IUFM (Paris Sud 11 STAPS branch) and Paris Sud 11 PIMS 1st year course have a specific complementary schedule compatible with those two enrollments.

  • Eligibility to external CAPEPS allows students to validate at least 4 M1 PIMS teaching units or parts thereof.
  • Passing external CAPEPS de facto validates most of the M1PIMS course (except all research teachings).

7.    Academic staff / office

M1 PIMS person in charge: Pia Henaff-Pineau pia.henaff-pineau @   -   33  1 69 15 43 16

Secretary: Caroline Bois caroline.bois @   -   33  1 69 15 43 02

School internships are locally supervised by professionals, i. e. teachers selected by the regional educational authorities.

8. 2009-2010 calendar

Application forms to be submitted prior to September 10, 2009

1st year master's degree classes will resume on the week of September 14, 2009.

9. PIMS application / registration forms

Students interested in the school teaching (PIMS) course must select one of the two master's degrees:

  • Science of motricity: CM  or 4Ps specialty
  • Sports science: Sports culture specialty

and email their application form to:  caroline.bois @

or mail it to:

Université Paris-Sud 11 - UFR STAPS - Bât 335
Secretariat “Masters” -  Candidature M1
91405 Orsay Cedex, France

Caution: Foreign students applications are subject to prior acceptance of the course director.