Health and Fitness and Related Recreational Sports Professional Degree

Access to this professional degree is possible after the successful completion of the first 2 years of a degree (including STAPS), a state diploma or significant professional experience. This one-year course is based on practical and theoretical classes as well as an approximately 15 week long internship.It is intended for first-time students or those interested in a continuing education program.

The staff is composed of both academics and professionals.

Course objectives and specificities

The STAPS professional degree is a Level II university course (baccalauréat + 3).

The triple goal of this course is to train future professionals who will:

  • Develop and implement services projects, including tailor-made health and fitness     programs, related recreational sports, dietetics, body care,  national heritage, and     theme skills such as shape and athletic training, aging, effort physiology, nutrition.
  • Set up and manage a team of professionals of all trades.
  • Take part in, and develop, the company marketing policy

The academic and professional staff endeavours to train students to meet professionals expectations

This course specifics are:

  • Tutorials
  • Conferences and debates with professionals and former students
  • Internships evaluation by academics and professionals
  • 40% of ECTS are assigned to the professional part of the course

Job prospects and ongoing studies

Project planner and manager, team manager, in the following sectors:

  • Thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy;
  • Recreational sports resorts
  • Spas

Curriculum organization

The 544 hour course is organized over the September to September period  and includes a 12 to 15 week internship.

Classes are located on the Orsay  campus - UFR STAPS, building 335

Course work:

  • UE-1 – Communication languages and tools
  • UE-2 - Knowledge of the target publics
  • UE-3 - Health, fitness and physical activities
  • UE-4 –  Physical fitness and related recreational activities
  • UE-5 - The study of the health/fitness industry
  • UE-6 - Management tools
  • UE-7 - 2 week internship, as part of a 136 hour tutored project report
  • UE-8 - 12 to 13 week training course