Our curriculum

General and applied undergraduate programs

The STAPS school offers a choice of 4 general bachelor's degrees and 2 applied bachelor's degrees:

General bachelor's degrees:

  • Education and Motricity
  • Adapted Physical Activities and Health
  • Sport Management
  • Coaching and Motor performance

Applied bachelor's degrees:

  • Events management and city policies
  • Health & Fitness and related recreational sports

Master's degree programs

The STAPS school offers 6 masters specialities (3 research masters and 3 applied masters) constructed around research problematics:

Research master's degrees (Paris 11 - 5 & 10):

  • "Motor Control and Perception" (CMP)
  • "Physical Practices: Psychological Prospects » (4P)
  • "Social Organization of Sport" (OSS)

Applied master's degrees (Paris 11 & 10):

  • "Events Management and Recreational Sports » (MELS)
  • "Public Policies and Sport Organizations Strategies" (PPSOS) jointly with the Jean Monnet Law, Economics and Management School
  • "Aging, Handicap: Motion and Adaptation" (VHMA) jointly with the Kremlin Bicêtre Medical School.


The STAPS school is also the main seal of the Sport Sciences, Motricity and Human Motion Doctoral School » (ED456), one of the only two schools in France. It hosts 135 students.